17 Reviews

Sun Fusion offers a complete turnkey solution for battery backed power. Most vendors offer a few pieces of the puzzle leaving you to pull multiple vendors ...Read more

Mar 6, 2023
Mike Noll

I was totally impressed with the company and its people. The system works great and have regret period. Very highly recommended

Feb 11, 2023

Since getting a backup battery system for my house, I have lost power dozens of times due to the battery system failure. When the power goes out in my ...Read more

Feb 1, 2023
Jeremy D

Wow!!!! Great product. Can’t say enough about the quality of service and technical support. If you are looking to do business with a company that answers ...Read more

Jun 5, 2022
stephanie piche

I contracted Sun Fusion Energy Systems to install a home solar battery back up. The battery system was installed on December 6 and on December 15 the ...Read more

Dec 29, 2021
G Villanueva

Honestly I cannot say enough good things about how this system is working for zikomosafari. Zambia Africa , It was a monumental task Getting it there. ...Read more

Sep 10, 2021
Robert Ball

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