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Recommended by 11 people
Recommended by 11 people
Since getting a backup battery system for my house, I have lost power dozens of times due to the battery system failure. When the power goes out in...  Read more
Feb 1, 2023
Jeremy D
Wow!!!! Great product. Can’t say enough about the quality of service and technical support. If you are looking to do business with a company that...  Read more
Jun 5, 2022
stephanie piche
I contracted Sun Fusion Energy Systems to install a home solar battery back up. The battery system was installed on December 6 and on December 15...  Read more
Dec 29, 2021
G Villanueva
Honestly I cannot say enough good things about how this system is working for zikomosafari. Zambia Africa , It was a monumental task Getting it...  Read more
Sep 10, 2021
Robert Ball
Worst solar and home improvement experience. Walter was very misleading and dishonest. Solar was very seldom working over the years. Electric bills...  Read more
Sep 3, 2021
Jennifer Riggs
Walter is a honest Man / lives up to promises/ Bought echo5t system .Walter is polite and available when we need him.(though he is busy .)....  Read more
Jan 31, 2021
herman mathias

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