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The Depreciation Process – An Example

Suppose you install a solar energy system that costs you $100,000 in direct and indirect expenses; the first step would be to claim and deduct the 26% solar tax credit. It is worth noting that the IRS reduces the basis of this tax credit by half, so you are left with (26% ÷ 2) 13%. Consequently, you can depreciate the $100,000 cost by 13%, bringing it down to $87,000.  You can then claim the 100% bonus on the first year of the solar system’s installation. Experts recommend using the MACRS model to determine how much you will depreciate.  Now, suppose that the federal government offers a solar energy tax credit of 24% while the state government offers 5%. The cost came down to $87,000 after deducting the 26% solar tax credit. Use this as the base cost and multiply it with the federal and state governments’ rates to determine how much you stand to save, as shown below:

  • Federal tax credit: $87,000 X 24% = $20,880.
  • State tax credit: $87,000 X 5% = $4,350.

You can claim the whole federal tax incentive in your first year. However, you can only claim the state credit over several years, depending on the amount in question. This also works for energy storage.

The IRA substantially overhauled the solar ITC, but its amendment of Section 25D was primarily a restoration of a full credit value and extension of the credit for a 12-year period. The solar credit under Section 25D has increased to 30% (from 26%) for installations completed after Dec. 31, 2021, and the 30% credit is sustained until Dec. 31, 2032. The credit will drop to 26% in 2033, to 22% in 2034 and to 0% in 2035 and thereafter.

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Residential Energy Credit 5695

Homeowner's Guide to the Tax Credit

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