Q) How many inverters can I install?

A) Yes! you can have up to 12 Inverters from Sol-Ark In parallel.

Q) Can I do 3Phase?

A) Yes, 3Phase 120/240/208 in the Sol-Ark 12K and 15K and must be minimum 2 Inverters.

Q) Can the system be shut off?

A) Yes! The system has a rapid shutdown button on the top left of the cabinet.

Q) Can I still get the system with a solar lease system?

A) Yes! We don't touch the solar on the roof or the monitoring. 

Q) Can my solar still work if the grid fails?

A) Yes! with a battery system from SunFusion Energy you can keep your solar pv working.

Q) How much Storage can I have?

A) codes change on a daily basis, as of now SunFusion single cabinet can handle 70kWh in a single enclosed cabinet.


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