Guardian E2.0 125A 42kWh

Guardian E2.0 125A 42kWh

Guardian E2.0 125A 42kWh

The Guardian system is comprised of Lithium Iron Phosphate with Graphite and Sodium mix this is 813Ah at 51.2V totaling 41.4kWh of energy storage, with the leading 15kW Inverter/Charger AC amps 125A 240V off grid 200A grid pass through.

Grid-Tied / Off-Grid / Solar Charge Controller with up to 19.5kW of Solar / Generator Control and Usage

AC-Coupled up to 15kW / NEMA 3R Rated / Lockable / Case Heat Rated at 1125°F / *Battery Case is Rated

at 1125°F / Rapid Shutdown Compliant / UES Certified Low amperage 120/208/240 125A / Multi-Unit Capable.

Dimensions (W x L x H) 17" x 33" x 81.5" In

Weight 1016 lb's

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