Echo Series

ECHO 5T | In or Outdoor | 56kWh/12kW

The ECHO 5T series is our premium line of energy storage systems. Shown is the ECHO 5T 56kWh/12kW system. The Echo is a complete microgrid with an integrated Sol-Ark inverter, controller, and management system. Quality, Safety, Reliability at a great price. Nobody can beat the SunFusion at our exact system Nobody. Built and Designed in the USA.

• 28-2440kWh

• Outdoor rated, NEMA 3R

• Modular and Expandable

• Air cooled ventilation

• Upgraded hardware

• Complete microgrid

• End-user Access to see each cell in real-time

The Echo T Series can be expanded up to 12 Cabinets.

Please note that all our systems are customizable to your needs. You will need to contact us to get a quote or estimate.

$42,010.80 MSRP** Not Installed

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