Guardian E.2.1

As seen above, the Guardian is the best product on the market today, with advanced technology that surpasses the Tesla Powerwall. The Guardian holds the power and has the safety for every home or business.  

This is a concept design of the Guardian E.2 system, the system consists of 1-Sol-Ark 15K inverter powering 125A of constant power and a pass-through of 200A contentious power while on Grid or Generator.

The system is in a NEMA 3R enclosure with 3 ECHO 2.0 14kWh battery modules in the lower fire rated section making this system a 42kWh system.

This is an AC or and DC Coupled system providing a MAX of 19.2kW of AC-Coupled solar PV or 17kW DC Solar PV per inverter.

See SR-15, SR-SPEC and UL pages for other information.

The Guardian is 15kW/42kWh of pure power and storage making this the only system on the market that is designed to be sleek and powerful.

SunFusion Energy Systems ESS units are Built in the USA, Some parts are imported.

With a advanced 25-Year warranty this system is the best on the market.

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