Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian, Hit Florida and devastation by mother nature was extreme, SunFusion Energy Systems has systems in Florida, here is what one of the homeowners stated.


I recall Henry Harrison trying to talk me out of buying that 2nd battery, and now I

am so glad we spent the money. As it turns out we needed and even more.

Our Sunfusion is continuing to supply power to our home, after a 4th overcast day

to replenish batteries. We are in a declared disaster zone, flooded and lacking power,

following Hurricane Ian. Duke Energy has 129,885 customers without power here

in Orange County in Central Florida. Overall, Florida has 2.6 million people without

power, including all the counties and utility companies as I write this email.

I set up two mini cameras to monitor the Renology Meters in case we lose internet.

You can see from the attached photo how well they are tracking the PV Pro App SOC

overall battery status. We are trying to keep our house as a minimum load to allow

the batteries to recharge. Having electricity is everything.

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