Tesla VS SunFusion

Tesla VS SunFusion

Tesla VS SunFusion

It's no secret that the Powerwall has been having some issues lately. The biggest problem? SunFusion Energy Systems ECHO 2.0.

ECHO is a robust, ultra-safe, and powerful energy storage system. But it's also been causing major headaches for the Powerwall's long delays.

Since its launch, in 2016 the ECHO systems in California, Hawaii, Florida, North Carolina, Washington, Rhode Island also in Mexico, and Africa, it has been reported that the ECHO energy storage is quickly gaining ground in the US and abroad.

So what's the problem? Well, it seems that the Powerwall just can't handle the sheer power of the ECHO system. And that's a big problem for Elon Musk and his team.

The good news is that the SunFusion ECHO 2.0 system has other manufacturers do not compare to the performance of the ECHO 2.0 But in the meantime, it's clear that the Powerwall is overrated and not worth the hassle.

With a custom build time of 8 weeks or less our systems are ready to build and ship.

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