Posted on May 16th, 2022.

California residents living in windy areas are experiencing power outages due to the increase of Santa Ana winds.

Energy companies in California are shutting down powerlines in wind surging, inland counties to avoid equipment damage. In areas controlled by Southern California Edison, an estimated 237,000 customers are expected to go without power. San Diego Gas & Electric follows the same procedures by shutting off power to an estimated 70,000 addresses. The outages are alleged to last for multiple days.

Outages have been reoccurring for the past few months in many areas of California. Many families, during these times, were able to visit local resource centers to charge electronics and grab a snack to eat. Another alternative to power is solar energy.

On the whole, power outages are caused for safety precautions. However, battery cabinets are extremely safe and will not leave you worried about being able to keep the fridge stocked for the family or keeping electronics charged for informing other family members on safety and status. Battery cabinets give complete freedom to control where energy is going throughout the house and will last for days.

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