Posted on May 19th, 2022.

Our Sun is a natural source of energy and with modern technologies, we have learned how to capsule its power. Though this sounds like a magical phenomenon that occurs, it is not magic and there is a science behind how we harness its energy.

The Sun releases sunrays or wavelengths. These wavelengths hold energy and the amount of energy they obtain, while traveling to Earth, is completely up to our atmosphere. So, the more wavelengths that are allowed through our atmosphere will determine how much solar a homeowner can store.

On cloudy days, the strength of the wavelengths will be significantly less powerful compared to a clear sky day. This is the same concept for rainy days, days with morning haze, nighttime, snowy days, etc. Even the way your panels are facing can affect how much solar power homeowners can capture.

Homeowners need to understand the process of solar. In situations where the power is off for several days, it's important to be diligent with power and where it is running. Homeowners may need to turn off pool pumps, reserve using heat, and hold off on doing laundry. Conserving is a useful tool in times of need.

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