Posted on May 18th, 2022.

It’s no secret that the Tesla Powerwall has taken the solar market by storm. The idea of being able to get off the grid and produce your own electricity is desirable. The Powerwall is a strong choice when it comes to UES (uninterrupted energy supply) battery system. However, there is a lot more when it comes to choosing a UES battery system, and don’t let a brand fool you into choosing a system that may not best suit your needs.

According to Tesla’s website, they have announced that the Powerwall will only be available for purchase along with a new solar installation. But for those who need solar and are still interested in the Powerwall, Tesla uses a one size fits all model. Their one Powerwall produces 5 kWh of continuous power. This would not be enough power for powering the oven, microwave, washer, dryer, or air conditioning during the hot summers. The waitlist will also be a problem.

Tesla Powerwall has over a year-long waitlist. So for those suffering the horrid power outages in Texas this winter or outages during the hot summers of California, you will have to chance going through outages again by waiting for a Powerwall. If another Powerwall is needed because more electrical needs have arisen, this strikes another problem.

If you decide to go with a singular Powerwall and continue to pull from the grid in times of need, then later decide to add on to your Powerwall, you will be put back on the waitlist. The Powerwall is great technology it is not a bad option by any means, but it is simply not versatile.

That runs into the next problem we found with Tesla. Their warranty isn’t extremely clear. When it comes to buying any system, not just the Powerwall, make sure you fully understand the contract before purchasing because you may find yourself getting the short end of the stick.

To group all of these issues together is the price. Just in October 2020 the Powerwall was increased from $6,500 to $7,000. Now on the 2021 market, it goes for $7,500 and that is only for one battery system. The gateway and installation are an additional cost. When it comes to making a decision on a companies system these are some tips to look at. Does the cost, killo-watts per hour, installation time, needing additional batteries, and warranty fit your needs. In regards to Tesla, they have strong technology, but they also have drawbacks as does every company.

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