Custom systems are not at all the same

Custom systems are not at all the same

Custom systems are not at all the same

When SunFusion Energy announced their new ECHO 2.0 battery system, the whole world took notice.

The robust, compact high-performance design was a major step up from anything else on the market, and the price was unbeatable.

But even more impressive than the ECHO's design or price was its performance. Compared to Tesla's much hyped Powerwall 2, the ECHO outperformed it in every way. Not only was it cheaper and more efficient, but it could also be installed in half the time.

It didn't take long for word of SunFusion's amazing new battery system to spread. Within a few months, they had captured much of the home battery market, leaving Tesla in the dust.

The Unit to the left is not your average power generator. This is an ECHO 2.0 112kWh/48kW System, one of the most technologically advanced systems on the market today. This system can generate enough power to run a small town for a day, making it a must-have for any municipality or utility company. 

Perfect for powering a 4000 sqft home and 1200 sqft Granny flat. With plenty of juice to run everything from the fridge to the AC, you'll never have to worry about being without power again.

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